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Jul 09

Nyquist Signal Expansion with Python

I’ve recently been reading up on software defined radio (SDR).  An epiphany that I had recently was that if we have sampled a signal so that we meet the Nyquist criteria, we can reproduce the points between the points we took.

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Jul 07

Using the Python HTMLParser library

When writing a script to download files off a site, I figured there was an easy python library to do that. Well, sort of. I chose to use the HTMLParser library.  The documentation is not the best, so I thought I would add a bit of what I found.  If I had to do it …

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Jul 05

Automating Dreamhost backups

We here at Curious System Solutions use dreamhost as our hosting provider.  One of the nice things they give us is a nice, tidy, backup every month, if we ask for it.  It may take a few days if you ask at the beginning of the month, and it is easy to forget to download.  …

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