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Jul 12

Python and XML Validation

While recently working on a project where we had included, nested, embedded, or inherited XSDs, I had errors while getting the XML to validate using LXML.  The solution ended up being that when you give LXML the schema location, the included XSD files must be in the working directory for it to find them.  There …

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Jul 09

Nyquist Signal Expansion with Python

I’ve recently been reading up on software defined radio (SDR).  An epiphany that I had recently was that if we have sampled a signal so that we meet the Nyquist criteria, we can reproduce the points between the points we took.

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Jul 07

Using the Python HTMLParser library

When writing a script to download files off a site, I figured there was an easy python library to do that. Well, sort of. I chose to use the HTMLParser library.  The documentation is not the best, so I thought I would add a bit of what I found.  If I had to do it …

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Jul 05

Automating Dreamhost backups

We here at Curious System Solutions use dreamhost as our hosting provider.  One of the nice things they give us is a nice, tidy, backup every month, if we ask for it.  It may take a few days if you ask at the beginning of the month, and it is easy to forget to download.  …

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