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Jan 01

Lighting the LEGO Salt Lake Temple

LEGO Salt Lake City temple on display at the Harold B. Lee Library at BYU.

2015 was a busy year.  The project that I had the most fun with was a bit off the beaten path compared to what I normally do.  This started off as a fun project for a friend.  It started off with, “I have this LEGO project I need to put LEDs in, can you help …

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Jan 01

Capacitive Touch Sensing on the MSP430 – 2013 Edition

I took a look at capacitive touch sensing on the MSP430 in 2011 and it was a little… lacking. I had another project come up and had a chance to play around with it again a couple months ago. It’s nice to see the changes two years have made to the framework provided by TI.

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Jun 14

Capacitive Touch Sensing on the MSP430

One of the projects I’m working on involves using capacitive touch sensing (CTS) on the TI MSP430.  TI has been pushing their touch sensing capabilities recently and has even released a library that helps in implementing touch sensing on the MSP430.  I decided to give it a try.  The short story is that there is …

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Feb 14

A Valentine Example for Blinking Lights

For Valentine’s Day my son needed to make a “mailbox” for his kindergarten class. He & his mother made a rocket out of an old oat container. Since this was a family project, I decided that my contribution would be lighting it up. My son was quite excited when I told him that I was …

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Jan 21

The Never Ending Conversion

When using the ADC10 in an MSP430 with multiple conversions, the ADC10BUSY bit will stay on even after the conversions are done. Trying to be a good little programmer and checking to make sure the ADC is done will leave you hanging… forever. The conversions must be done for the data transfer and the data …

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Jan 21

Accidental Double Interrupts on a Timer

I had a program where I was using a timer and an ISR to flip a bit on a TI MSP430.  Well, the bit would only filp for a few milliseconds and then revert back to its prior value.  As it turns out, I was calling the ISR twice every time I wanted it.

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Jan 21

MSP430, Entering and Exiting low Power Modes while Debugging

On a recent project I had one heck of a time trying to debug the program flow in CCS 4.2.  I thought the code wasn’t going anywhere because when I would break the program, it would stop on a line before where it should have been executing.  After a couple days of troubleshooting with an …

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Oct 22

Debug adapter for eZ430

For those of you who do prototyping with the eZ430 or eZ430-RF boards, this may be of interest.  It’s a debug adapter that you can put inline to make use of  a logic analyzer or other test equipment easier.  It expands out to 0.1″ spacing posts from the 0.05″ spacing used in the eZ430 connectors. …

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Sep 22

Setting up an IAR Project using the TI MSP430 and SimpliciTI

Many of you know the possibilities that ultra-low power devices open up. One thing TI has done to make things even lower power is to craft their own “lite” protocol, SimpliciTI. You even get nice, examples for use when you install the protocol dev files. Now, what happens when you want to do something more …

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