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May 19

The Case of the Random Lockup

We had a bug that just wouldn’t go away. Sometimes it would show up quickly, sometimes it would show up after the code had been running for a few days… but it would show up. What’s the programmer to do?

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Feb 14

A Valentine Example for Blinking Lights

For Valentine’s Day my son needed to make a “mailbox” for his kindergarten class. He & his mother made a rocket out of an old oat container. Since this was a family project, I decided that my contribution would be lighting it up. My son was quite excited when I told him that I was …

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Jan 21

Accidental Double Interrupts on a Timer

I had a program where I was using a timer and an ISR to flip a bit on a TI MSP430.  Well, the bit would only filp for a few milliseconds and then revert back to its prior value.  As it turns out, I was calling the ISR twice every time I wanted it.

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