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May 11

A quick note on “ATX” Power Supplies

After our recent activity making the emergency ATX power supplies, I got a call one evening from one of the hams who couldn’t get their salvaged 24-pin power supplies to work.  It turns out that many of the larger computer manufacturers use their own proprietary pinouts.  In this case, he got bit by a Compaq …

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Apr 27

Directions for Soldering of Compact Emergency ATX 12V Output Board

Last Friday night one of the local amateur radio groups that I’m affiliated with had a get together with good food, friends and activity. We soldered together the Compact ATX 12V board that we wrote up a little while back. There were a few people who were unable to stay and put it together.  For …

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Apr 19

Compact Emergency 12V DC Power Supply

This board was designed to be a good beginning board for someone to learn to solder on.  There are a lot of amateur radio operators that originally got into the hobby as part of an emergency communications group (RACES, ARES, etc.).  This board is designed to start them down the path to the… hardware side …

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Jan 10

Compact ATX Breakout Board

It sucks when you need 12 VDC and your power supply just died.  Previously we made an ATX breakout board to turn an ATX power supply into a fixed voltage bench DC power supply.  Here we present a board that is designed to be smaller and for use as a backup.

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Oct 01

ATX Power Supply Breakout Board

How many of you have or know of someone who has an old computer just sitting in the closet gathering dust. How many of you would like to have a multiple output bench power supply? Do you need an extra +12V DC power supply for your CB, ham shack or office? What we have here …

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