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Aug 16

Altium Design Security Advisory

After troubleshooting a problem I was having with the supplier links in Altium Designer, I recently found that, for at least one of the supplier links (Mouser), your login credentials are being passed in clear text.  Even better, they are in XML that clearly tells anyone watching what they are.  Altium has been notified of …

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Mar 26

Pro Tip: Moving Multiple Component Primitives in Altium Designer

Sometimes you have a design where you don’t want to make a new footprint, but need to move a certain track or via 10 mil one way… for 30 copies of the same footprint.

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Oct 01

ATX Power Supply Breakout Board

How many of you have or know of someone who has an old computer just sitting in the closet gathering dust. How many of you would like to have a multiple output bench power supply? Do you need an extra +12V DC power supply for your CB, ham shack or office? What we have here …

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Jul 22

Altium Designer Overbar or Overline

While trying to move to a new EDA package, Altium Designer, I had a really hard time finding out how to put a overbar, or overline on top of a pin designator. This is usually used for active low signals. In Eagle PCB you just put an exclamation in front of the signal, or around …

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