Sep 25

Hantek DSO1202S and CSV Files

I recently picked up a Hantek DSO1202S oscilloscope to do some measurements of 120V AC power lines and UPSes.  I got it setup and took some measurements.  When I went to post-process the CSV files, not all was as expected.


When I opened up the files, I found that some of them had multiple entries for the same time:


Along with that, the voltages are not taking into account the 10:1 probe that is attached.  The voltage displays correctly on the scope, but not in the CSV file.

You see, here’s the thing with the timebase:  With only four significant digits, it can only show 10,000 values without repeating.  So, if you try to save a file with 40,000 or more points, some will be formatted to have the same time.  Oops.  If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know.  I’ve sent an email to China to see if there is a fix.

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